EasyAzon Review – How To Insert Amazon Affiliate Links into WordPress

EasyAzoeasyazon reviewn is the best plugin for creating amazon affiliate link for wordpress blog. With the help of this plugin we can create amazon affiliate links very easily and fastly. I personally use it on my amazon sites, because it saves my time which takes to create amazon affiliate link . It helps me in earning more money and save my time as well.


This is how you create amazon affiliate links in your wordpress site.

1. First you go to amazon affiliate program site

2. Then search product lets assume you searched Kitchenaid Artisan 5 then you pick product.

3. You click on text only or image only button to generate HTML code.

4. Then you copy it and paste it to your wordpress blog.

You do these steps every time for creating affiliate link. Isn’t it a long process of going to amazon and creating links and pasting it into wordpress? There is a simple solution for this. You can do this it inside your wordpress site. You don’t need to go to amazon site every time.

See how this plugin works.

Links inserted in this post with the help of easyazon.

You can create text, image, info block and call to action buttons inside wordpress within few clicks. All you need EazyAzon 3 plugin for your wordpress website.

How to insert amazon affiliate links into WordPress

It will save your precious time and make more commissions. We just need to search product with wordpress site and Booyah! Within few clicks we can create many affiliate links. The beauty of plugin is we need not to worry about HTML code of links, it creates it automatically.  We can set link open in new window, add no follow attribute to html code automatically.


How this plugin generate more affiliate link clicks and generate more revenue?

1. Product Popup :

Some of the really cool feature of this is product popup. When use hover mouse on affiliate link. It creates a product popup window which attract user attention which leads to more clicks on affiliate links clicks and more commission for you.


2. Add to Shopping Cart (It will give you more time to earn commission):

Generally cookie time is 24 hours. If user did not buy any product within 24 hours after visiting amazon from your affiliate link, then your effort will be wasted. This feature adds an item to user shopping cart . In this way you have an extra 89 days to get a commission if they buy the item they added. You can enable this option for all link or individual link.


3. Most amazing feature of EasyAzon is link localization. It will automatically generate commissions from international traffic.

With the help of this feature you can generate more revenue from more than one country affiliate program. You know very well that amazon has affiliate program in other countries as well like United State, Canada, China, France, Germany, India*, Italy, Japan, Spain and United Kingdom(*must be resident of India. But this may change). How ?? say for example users from UK visiting your site and they are interested in products which you are promoting. They click on affiliate link and link localization feature will open amazon UK site for same product. If you do not use this feature then visitor will go to Amazon US site (if you created affiliate link from amazon.com or any other country specific site which you are using as a affiliate) and he will not buy item because of restrictions and the price. So the final effect is you loose commission. But with the help of this feature you can earn commission from the countries listed above. Your traffic from other countries will not be wasted and you will generate huge commission. Isn’t this a cool feature of this plugin.

amazon wordpress plugin

Note: Sign up for other amazon affiliate program is free to join and you can use all of them on same website.

Bonuses you will get with his plugin:

1. You will get How to make more money with amazon ebook with this plugin.
2. A video crash course of generating more revenue with amazon.

Final Verdict :

If you are serious about making money from amazon affiliate plugin then you should buy it without thinking any other thing. You will not regret it after purchasing. If you did not like it you can ask refund, plugin maker gives 60 days money back guarantee.

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